The Strategy You Need to Get in the Flow.

Are you a leader who is...

Mission-Driven – and feeling burned out?

Successful – yet not enjoying it because there's too much on your plate?

Experienced – but still stuck trying to get it all done so you and your team can move the needle?


Spoiler Alert

Getting 'unstuck' starts with gaining new self-awareness and making delicate adjustments to clear your path and empower you to use your voice. 

It can be lonely at the top - but you don't have to go it alone.

Private Coaching Programs

A range of options to fit your vibe. 

Amplify Your Influence

Experience the power of 360-degree feedback and embrace the dark and the light of your leadership.

Learn how you're really showing up out there with your stakeholders, with the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor resource. Build new strengths and habits and get ongoing progress data. This package is designed to challenge and empower you. What you need is on the other side of your comfort zone!  Includes a kick-off strategy session,12 private 55m coaching sessions, and calibration check-ins as needed.

Enneagram Typing & Growth 

Gain insight that frees you of patterns that hold you back.

Interested in determining or confirming your Enneagram type? This private typing interview is a deep process of self-awareness inquiry that is more accurate than online Enneagram tests.

We can also look at how your type perspective influences your leadership, how to be responsible for that, and consider the alternatives and enhance your impact. Includes a 75-minute interview and optional follow-up sessions. Learn more about the Enneagram here.

Jumpstart Out of the Rut

Gain confidence to handle a greater range of situations and people. 

Feeling stuck? This mini-series is designed to give you a turbo boost toward action. Discover a new appreciation for your natural (often forgotten) strengths and gain insight into your blind spots. Using the True Tilt assessment as the launch point, together we'll explore the micro-shifts that form a fresh forward strategy.  Includes three 55-minute private coaching sessions.

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)

Develop better strategies for relating and working effectively in culturally diverse situations. 

Engaging with this widely-used assessment of intercultural competence, you'll have a  plan for adapting your behavior to cultural differences and commonalities. Process the concepts and recommended steps in a series of gentle, non-judgemental private coaching sessions.

Bespoke Coaching Package

We'll co-create the experience that serves what you're up to best.

Being a leader can be lonely - but it doesn't have to be. It's not uncommon to wind up with limited awareness about what is outside your bubble... let's become thought partners and burst it together. Optional business consulting available as well. 

No need to overthink it. Ask me a question!

Team Coaching Program

The Fulfillment Lab Graphic


Team Coaching for

Engagement, Communication, and Accountability 

How are your team's culture dynamics flowing? How are you influencing their effectiveness? 

Generative team coaching supports your group to step into the entirety of their responsibilities and power. We begin with a group assessment and name metrics for success. The team will notice and name sources of breakdown, generate breakthroughs, activate synergy and collaborate toward greater effectiveness and enjoyment. Imagine how  outcomes like these will impact your mission...

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About the Coach

A trusted advisor for hundreds of leaders, Laura launched My Future Realized as the next logical step in her life-long love of learning, growth and transformation. Fascinated by diverse perspectives, she considers coaching to be a calling, an art, and a discipline.

Laura lives for diving beyond ordinary conversation to the deeper issues impacting the situation. She's always on the lookout for the finest dark chocolate - and opportunities to create perspective and possibility among the chaos.

More About Laura

We must free ourselves of the hope that

the sea will ever rest. We must

learn to sail in high winds.

– Aristotle Onassis