Getting Unstuck:

Leveraging the Enneagram When Leading Others 

Tuesday, January 24, 2022

noon-1pm ET

In this complimentary session, you will learn...

  • What the Enneagram is and how to leverage it ethically
  • Where each of the nine type perspectives tend to get stuck, and
  • How to tune in to your blind spots to find a new way


Save Your Seat

What Clients Say About Laura

These mission-driven, high-performing professionals have this to say about working with Laura...

"Laura is flexible and attuned to my needs. She helped me work through some difficult and unexpected situations at work, provides support and perspective, and helped me identify areas of development for myself that I would have not been aware of... I'm have more confidence and a  better understanding of myself, which I will carry with me in life no matter where I go." -J.K.
"I feel so inspired, refreshed and ready to tackle the world every time I talk to Laura. Today, she helped me uncover really concrete ways to tackle burnout and stress through intentional mindfulness, and I'm excited to put the techniques we discussed into practice to review on our next session." - K.Z.
"I am much more confident going into my next role. . . I’ve recognized that I need to give myself more credit for some things. I don’t think I did that at all before, I tend to just think ‘no, I’m not doing enough,’ that was just always my mindset. I was trying to be humble but it was affecting my whole team. I have practices now that help me and inspire my team, as well. People have really responded to this new approach, and it's critical to how I show up as a leader." - D.C.
"I feel much more grounded and clear now. The last few months were so chaotic, you helped me find my way through... I have a much broader perspective. It’s like I’ve been lifted up.  For example, I finally got to a place with one of my colleagues that I'd wanted to for a long time, I needed to have that difficult conversation. I'm also just more honest with myself now and I have new habits that help me focus and create focus for my team. Thank you for giving me the tools I didn't know I needed." – I.G.
"I was just told in my performance review 'You’ve really kicked it up a notch as a leader over this past year, how did you do that? What changed?' I directly attribute that progress to your coaching and our work together!" -S.J.