Achieve balance and create momentum
in your leadership.

The Fulfillment Lab

 This foundational introspective online coaching

program will get you in the flow. 

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This is for you if...

  • You are highly capable, busy and driven.
  • You feel stuck and unable to make the impact you're to which you're committed.
  • You consume books, podcasts, and Ted Talks and they've provided some short-term boost - but you're still on the hamster wheel. 
  • You crave a sense of feeling in control. 
  • You’re ready to do something different with a thought partner who will inspire and unblock you to get to the next level. 
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Three key take-aways...

A Compelling Long-Term Vision

Discover a true north vision and core values that inspire you, motivate self-generation, and simplify decision-making.

New Awareness of 
Your Strengths & Blind Spots

Gain new appreciation for your strengths - and insight into your blind spots that keep the impact you want to make just out of reach

A Dynamic Action Plan to Your Next Level   

Chart the course to fulfill your objectives, leverage new strengths and build the structure to create momentum.


In this program, you can...

  • gain higher perspective so the limits of what's available don't define the limits of what's possible
  • amplify what matters most to you
  • free yourself of what's knocking you off balance
  • neutralize the blind-spot automatic reactions you’re trapped in
  • be empowered to handle a greater variety of situations and people 
  • become more strategic about what you’re doing and why
  • boost your credibility
  • augment your ability to positively influence those around you - and enable others to show up at their best too.
  • start ending the day feeling more fulfilled
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The Fulfillment Lab:
Finding Your True North in a Sea of Noise

This foundational coaching program is designed for busy, mission-driven leaders.

It includes six online learning modules of online written and video content.

You'll engage with self-led inquiries, exercises and assignments that deepen your learning - and enhance and accelerate coaching results.

Carve out vital reflection time. Find your center of gravity. And - get in the flow.  


Define Your True North  

  • Lift your head from the overwhelm of the here and now to name what the point is -and explore the legacy you want to leave.
  • Envision a voyage to the future to gather intel. 
  • Define a vision that will inspire, motivate and keep you creative in the face of obstacles.

Establish Core Values

  • Clarify your core values in a potent way to draw out the best in you.
  • Establish guidelines for letting your core values lead the way through overwhelm.
  • Discover how to find fulfillment and a sense of integrity regardless of outcomes.

Determine Priorities

  • Define significant milestones that will bring you towards fulfillment.
  • Explore how you determine what's really worth your time and augment your ability to 'no' - full stop.
  • Boost your capacity for thriving in an unpredictable world.

Analyze Your Natural Strengths

  • Do you have strengths, or do they have you? Get a True Tilt assessment of your character strengths.
  • Gain new appreciation for your strengths and leverage them more strategically.
  • Get insight about the blind spots that undermine you.

Shift Into Balance 

  • Knowledge is Power - Explore ways to work with different types of people and situations more effectively.
  • Take on a short-term development goal to build new strengths.
  • Boost your ability to positively influence those around you and enable them to show up at their best too.

Stay the Course

  • Tie it all together and get in action.
  • Access five methods for finding a more powerful perspective - whatever's going on.
  • Step up to the legacy you want to leave and map out your continued evolution towards true north.

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The Fulfillment Lab

The VIP Experience
– w/ 1:1 Coaching –


3 Available Per Season

  • 16-week program 
  • Six comprehensive self-led, self-paced modules
  • Seven 55-Minute private coaching sessions
  • Access to all content 6 months beyond the scheduled end.
  • And access to weekly office hours.

Fully customized to you, you'll have devoted 1:1 time for maximum impact and flexible scheduling.

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Self-Led Experience
– Online Content ONLY – 



  • Six comprehensive self-led, self-paced modules (recommended pace: one module every two weeks, total 12 weeks).
  • Access to all content 6 months beyond the program's scheduled end.
  • True Tilt Personalized Assessment &  Recommendations
  • Access to weekly office hours in case you have questions.

This option assumes you have another Coach you'd like to work with. It is designed to supplement a coaching experience.

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Quick Action Bonuses

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The 'Stay the Course' Toolkit

At the program's end, you'll receive an extra bundles of goodies to keep your momentum building.


Preferred Pricing for What's Next

$250 off registration for the next step for leaders committed to optimizing their leadership: The Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor Package.

Includes 360-degree feedback, a year of  pulse surveys to evaluate and optimize progress and 12 private 55m coaching sessions.


Laura's Recent Reviews

"I started coaching certain I needed to quit my job and find something new. I was completely under water and worried I was wasting my time. Because of these coaching conversations, though, I’m thinking at a deeper layer now - what’s behind my choices and my reactions, and where I hold myself back. I now feel completely re-energized and ready - not to find a new job, but to create a new way forward in this one, building on what I’ve already achieved. I have much higher ability now to create clarity and set boundaries. That’s what I needed."

– Kelly M.

"I feel much more grounded and clear. The last few months were so chaotic, you helped me find my way through... My perspective was narrow, now I have a much broader perspective. It’s like I’ve been lifted up. I'm more honest with myself now and have a clearer voice with my stakeholders. I have new habits that help me focus. Thank you for giving me the tools I didn't know I needed.  

– Isabel K.

"I was just told in my performance review 'You’ve really kicked it up a notch as a leader over this past year, how did you do that? What changed?” I directly attribute that progress to your coaching and our work together!... I was able to clarify what is important to me in my career to inform several major life transitions. You helped me to frame my  challenges in new ways to discover different solutions, build my confidence and executive presence, and even become a better communicator. "

– Sienna J.

About the Coach

Laura Malinowski is in the  business of creating transformative learning and development experiences that create results. She coaches high performers who know that creating a better world gives a more fulfilling life.

Laura helps leaders  achieve balance and create momentum in their leadership. She launched her coaching practice as the next logical step in her lifelong love of learning, growth, and transformation. Deeply curious about global perspectives and respectful of human diversity, she considers coaching to be a calling, an art, and a discipline. She partners with people in profound conversations to create unpredictable, meaningful impacts. She lives for diving into the very real issues that are typically hidden in ordinary conversation.

In addition to her CPC PCC credential with the ICF, Laura holds certificates in Generative Team Coaching, Climate Change Coaching, Change Management, and Consulting Skills. She is a Certified Practitioner of the Narrative Enneagram, a Certified Practitioner of the True Tilt and the Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor, and a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). She has a Bachelor's in Business Administration from the University of Maryland and is proficient in French.